All designers have an irrepressible, unstoppable creative streak. It needs an outlet, and preferably a comprehensive outlet, to help develop ideas and to explore concepts in detail. 3D CAD is the obvious solution to any designer’s creative needs, and it can also bring the ideas to life. 3D modeling, 3D drafting, 3D drafting software and 3D rendering software have added a lot to the creative scope of professional designers.

Creative 3D CAD does everything

For designers, this class of software is a combination of tool and visualization palette. The design process uses both elements regularly, requiring a mix of visible product as well as the nuts and bolts practical tools. In construction in particular, it’s one thing to have a great vision, it’s quite another to get that vision drafting services on the drawing board where you can work with it. This is a creative process in the same sense that a painting is a creative work, and 3D CAD is the medium.

This is also a great medium for research and experimentation in the purely creative sense. 3D CAD for engineering is perhaps the best practical example. Engineers are regularly called upon to develop tools or equipment or building elements, but they also do quite a lot of creative work with their own ideas. These ideas have to translate into working concepts at some point, and the CAD approach is the most flexible method. Anything from a whole new assembly to a component can be done in detail on this engineering design software.

Developing a concept with 3D CAD

Ideas and concepts are evolved and grown by creative development. What starts out as a basic idea can bring with it a whole raft of features, design elements and even whole new processes. This isn’t necessarily a straightforward or easy process, and 3D CAD is the best way to organize it.

A typical concept for architecture, for example will include:


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