Let’s answer the question from the title first: No, you don’t need one. But yes, you should have one.

When it comes to spotters, the bodybuilding community is fairly united in the opinion that spotters are essential for truly great workouts. And for most parts, I totally agree with this opinion. But there are a few pitfalls that spotters – or the perception of who is a spotter and what role he plays – can bring to your training.

Spotter is your friend

Not necessarily. It is true that it is hard not to be friend with someone you see almost every day, and go through workout and diet hell together. But the partnership could be much more business like. A simple matter of benefits.

Of course, the benefits should be mutual. If you benefit from your spotter, but your spotter is not benefiting from you, chances are, that you will be on a lookout for a new spotter fairly soon.

Spotter should be on the same physical level as you

Not really. In fact, it is unlikely that you will find someone who is on the same level as you.

There will be differences in your fitness, strength and muscle mass.

I personally trained with variety of people, and never once our physical levels match.

Weaker spotter will slow down your progress

Just like the point above, it is not really true. However, if you use significantly different weights, you will need to plan your sets ahead a bit.

For example, if you bench with 25o lbs, and your spotter only with 190 lbs, you need to place the weight on the bar so you can quickly reduce/increase it.

Your spotter should be just as motivated and going through the same training cycle as you are

This is a tricky one. The truth is, that if you are motivated, you Dbal Max Before and After Results may not need your spotter to push you, or even push himself for that matter.

But, chances are, that there will be days when the workout will not go as expected, and external motivation can definitely push you over the hump.

Also, if you are training for very different reasons, or even if you are going through different training cycles, the lack of motivation – or even different kind of motivation – can be a big problem.

Imagine, you are training to get ripped for competition, going through a hell of a diet, progressing quickly from one exercise to another, while your partner is in the strength cycle, eating like a pig and taking 5 minutes breaks between sets.

Even if he is motivated to success as much as you are, it may be quite demoralizing for you, not to mention that you could have quite a hard time to sync the workouts.

So I say, yes, it is very important to be on the same page, both in motivation and workout cycles.


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