Most of my writing has to do with subjects that I have researched for many hours or things that I have quite a bit of knowledge about. I love football and Notre Dame Football has been a passion of mine for many years. I actually refuse to work on Saturdays because I will not miss a game. This is an opinion article and I do not write many of them, but when it comes to Notre Dame Football I feel it is my duty to weigh in somehow.

So how will Notre Dame fair this year?

Well, so far so good. They opened against San Diego State University and ufabet เว็บแม่ looked bad for three quarters, then they woke up. It was like things just started to click on both sides of the ball and they scored twice in the fourth quarter to end up with the win.

Then, they went into a fierce rivalry with Michigan and even though Michigan is rebuilding some there are still quite a few talented players on their team. They came out firing and got ahead early. Then, they went into a conservative mode because of the rain and came out of the game with their second win.

The rest of the year is going to be interesting. Many people would say that Notre Dame has yet to be tested, but this week Michigan State gets to test them and they have struggled with them in past years. This should be a win, but you never know with college football.

Then, they play Purdue and Stanford at home, which should be tough games, but since they are at home they should win them both. Purdue looks better this year than last year and always gives Notre Dame trouble, but these should both be wins.

Next, they travel to North Carolina to play and with the new coach and talent there it should be a better game than in the past, but this should be a bit of an easy win as well.

After that they go to Washington, which is a must win because of Tyrone Willingham, and it will be a win because of that reason right there. They come back home for Pittsburgh which will be a testing game because of the defensive minded coach that they have.

Their last four games are going to be the toughest. They are at Boston College, Navy, and USC. Sure Navy is not much to talk about, but they beat Notre Dame last year. It is time to start a new streak there. The USC game will be the toughest one, especially since it is out there, then they also play Syracuse at home, which should be an easy win.

So as for my prediction, I think Notre Dame is BCS bound this year. Sure I am a bit bias, but I cannot

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