The town of Fukaya, located on the northern edge of Saitama Prefecture in Japan, is the ideal fusion of urban and residential environments, with numerous residences and estates encircled by gorgeous mountains rich in flora and fauna. Whether they’re relocating with their family or living alone Apartment In Fukaya City is the ideal spot to rent a property, thanks to its mild summers and breezy winters with little to no snowfall.

Why is Fukaya-shi preferred? 

  • Fukaya-shi, which is only a 50-minute rail journey from Tokyo, provides easy access to the capital city of Japan without crowds or frequently high rent prices.
  • Instead of the aforesaid, Fukaya provides a population count of 1,023 inhabitants per km2 (five times lower compared to Tokyo) and a large number of inexpensive 2LDK and 3DK rental units that are available for rent.
  • They can view affordable Fukaya City rental flat choices at Village House. With Fukaya-shi rental apartments, they can quickly experience a quick and hassle-free move with no down payment (conditions applied), renewal, management, or critical money charge.
  • They have Village House Taya, which includes air conditioning and free parking for individuals who wish to ride in Japan.

2LDK and 3LDK Condo choices available in Fukaya-shi

They can choose from their affordable 2LDK and 3DK lease flats in Fukaya-shi, which are all well-situated close to key city touch points.

  • In addition to being pet-friendly, the 2LDK Fukaya apartments at Village House Taya have already been updated for greater comfort and enjoyment.
  • And as if that weren’t convenient enough already, Village House Taya is even close to Fukaya Station, Okabe Station, a primary school, and a middle school.

The accommodations mentioned above in Fukaya City with 3DK condo options also provide 2LDK apartment choices.

  • At Fukaya-shi, there are 3DK condos for rent at Village House Fukaya, conveniently located next to a hospital, a high school, a primary school, and the Fukaya Municipal Office.
  • For those looking to use public conveyance in Fukaya City, they have the Village House Kawamoto, which might be a better option.
  • The distance between Village House Kawamoto and Takekawa Station, Nagata Station, Aketo Station, and Imaichi Bus Stop is all under 20 minutes on foot.

Is it cost-effective to rent a flat in Fukaya-shi? 

The fact that Apartment In Fukaya City offers accessibility to Tokyo’s major city without charging the comparatively higher rents that would otherwise be necessary makes it appealing. For a single person living alone, renting a flat in Fukaya-shi would probably cost around 147,000 yen per month, and for a family of four, 368,000 yen.

Other benefits of renting an apartment in Fukaya City include its abundance of historical sites, which include places like the birthplace of Odaka Junchu, the former home of Shibusawa “Nakanchi,” the Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Centre, and the Tomioka Silk Mill. There are also places like Tajima Yahei Sericulture Farmland, Takayama-sha Sericulture Faculty, and Arafune Cold Storage listed as World Heritage Sites.


日本の埼玉県の北端に位置する深谷町は、動植物が豊富な美しい山々に囲まれた数多くの住宅や団地があり、都市環境と住宅環境が理想的に融合しています。 家族と一緒に引っ越しをする場合でも、一人暮らしをする場合でも、アパート深谷市 (深谷市のアパート) は、穏やかな夏とさわやかな冬で雪がほとんど降らないため、物件を借りるのに理想的な場所です。


  • 東京から電車でわずか 50 分の深谷市は、アパート 深谷 混雑や頻繁な家賃の高さもなく、日本の首都に簡単にアクセスできます。
  • 上記の代わりに、深谷は 1 km2 あたりの人口数 1,023 人 (東京に比べて 5 分の 1) を提供し、賃貸可能な安価な 2LDK および 3DK の賃貸ユニットが多数あります。
  • 深谷市のビレッジハウスで手頃な価格の賃貸アパートを見ることができます。 深谷市の賃貸マンションなら、頭金(条件あり)・更新・管理費・違約金なしで、スピーディーで手間のかからない引越しがすぐにできます。
  • 彼らは日本で乗りたい個人のためのエアコンと無料駐車場を含む Village House Taya を持っています。



  • ペットフレンドリーであることに加えて、アパート 深谷 ビレッジハウス田屋の 2LDK 深谷アパートメントは、より快適で楽しいものになるようにすでに更新されています。
  • さらに、それだけでは十分ではないかのように、ビレッジハウス田屋は深谷駅、岡部駅、小学校、中学校にも近いです。


  • 深谷市では、病院、高校、小学校、深谷市役所に隣接する好立地のビレッジハウス深谷に3DKの賃貸マンションがあります。


  • ビレッジハウス川本から竹川駅、長田駅、明戸駅、今市バス停まではいずれも徒歩20分以内。


アパート深谷市 (Apartment In Fukaya City) は、東京の主要都市へのアクセスを提供し、そうでなければ必要となる比較的高い家賃を請求する必要がないという事実が魅力的です。 一人暮らしの場合、深谷市のアパートを借りると、月額約 147,000 円、家族 4 人で約 368,000 円になります。

また、深谷市で賃貸マンションを借りるメリットとしては、尾高淳忠生誕の地、渋沢旧居「ナカンチ」、渋沢栄一記念館、富岡製糸場などの史跡が豊富にあります。 田島弥平養蚕園、高山社養蚕学部、荒船冷凍庫なども世界遺産に登録されています。

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